Asset Information Management

Asset Information Management (AIM) – what is it? There are many people out there that tell you it’s a particular software, it’s a high-paid consultant’s solution or many other things. It’s about structured data or even unstructured information, come to that. It’s not about these at all, regardless of what you’ve been told. Stop wasting your money.
Asset Information Management is simply a philosophy, a strategy, a desire to get as much out of your documents, data, information, equipment, components & systems as possible. That’s it! It’s about taking a drawing, of a piece of information you’ve been given from a project & making it work for you. Making it quickly available with confidence that it’s right for the reason you need it. It’s about relying on the money you’ve already spent to minimize what you are going to have to spend going forward. It starts in the mindset of the facility, the group, the company & extends to the culture of not throwing money away. Every facility, every company is different but the first step to any AIM solution starts as an idea. No one vendor has solved the problem – they have a product but every facility is different. No one consultant has the right solution – every facility brings a different concept that challenges pre-made solutions.
It starts with an idea, it starts with the mindset that a change is needed. It starts with you. Know what you want to achieve, reverse-engineer the concepts that are important, only strategise on the parts of the business that will give you this end goal. But most importantly, know what you want, differentiate between “wants”, “needs” & items that just don’t count.

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