AutoCAD Plant 3D

Darbury has always been proud of the value-add services it provides to industries. Whether it is a PDMS to AutoPLANT pipe translation routine, a Design++ 3D model to AutoPLANT or even taking 3D model data to SAP for Operation Asset Information purposes. But now, Darbury would like to ask the Industry Community for their help.

The AutoCAD Plant P&ID // 3D products use the most popular world-wide CAD product, AutoCAD, as its foundation. The program is starting to mature to the stage where successful projects are being intelligently designed from the P&IDs through to the 3D model & the orthographic drawings that come from it. It uses Navisworks as the clash-detection & planning product natively & is available to work on the cloud-based BIM360 product allowing disparate collaboration across multiple companies & locations. Darbury already offers multiple services including setup, configuration, line class creation, isometric modifications, database manipulation, bespoke reporting amongst other functions that increase the efficiency & speed of deployment on a project. Equipment modeling from importing one-off designs from other 3D products like Inventor to creating standard equipment types in the database for the user to select are also value-adds available to the community. However, Darbury is asking for your help in extending the data in to other areas.

Darbury is canvassing the AutoCAD Plant community to know where to develop next. Some ideas are below but please feel free to send an e-mail to for any specific areas or need or even "what if the product could do ….." scenarios. Some potential areas are as follows:

• Instrumentation components; better instruments, boxes, items, etc.
• Electrical components; cable trays, junction boxes, marshaling racks, etc.
• Nozzle schedule reporting, either XLS or in-drawing graphics
• Bespoke Equipment lists
• User-defined Line Designation Tables (LDTs)
• Links to the Darbury Centre of Gravity calculation program for skid designs
• Lifting Lug calculations from models for equipment or skids
• Baseframe calculation routines based on steelwork 3D components

The user that suggests a viable idea that is turned in to a commercially available routine will receive the product free of charge with it being released via the Darbury website for the overall community to purchase.

Thank you in advance for all your suggestions

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