LinkedIn Endorsements

You come in to work in the morning, log on to LinkedIn & your spirits lift as you see someone has endorsed you for your previous work. Then you look a little harder & try to work out who has actually gone to the trouble to show others that you are as experienced as you say you are. Then the realization happens that you have never worked with this person & it’s just their way of trying to get your attention for one of a few reasons. It could be they want you to remember that they exist, or as a prelude to asking if you have a position available that they can be considered for. Has this happened to you?

In the pre-social network eras of times gone by, you relied on your CV// resume to list down your achievements & used personal references or recommendations to ensure your new prospective employer was convinced to hire you. These days, employers don’t seem to rely on the endorsements found on a candidate’s LinkedIn profile due to the misuse mentioned above. I would ask that if you are trying to get the attention of someone, use a message or phone the person via the main phone number of a company – nothing can replace the direct communication methods that have served us so well in the past. With the abundance of information available from company websites to Google searches, it is not difficult to find the contact details of someone you need to talk with.

When you think about it, LinkedIn is still a relatively young social network & as such is still evolving, both by the company & the people’s use of the system. To me, the endorsements section is not the best tool although it can give you a buzz because of someone who worked with you before; it can be a humbling & annoying experience at the same time.

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